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Hong Kong Dominatrix, British-Asian Domme Mistress Eva is a BDSM lifestyle Dominant. She is classically trained, highly reviewed and internationally recognised. Mistress Eva has been featured on Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, VICE, i-D and DAZED. She hosts workshops on sexuality, writes about kink – and is interested in meeting genuine submissives for longer term personal engagements.

* Online BDSM training also available

Dominance is my nature. This is not just a game...

I prize genuine submission above all else; and I am at my best with seasoned and self-aware players. However I always welcome beginners who are ready to be led into genuine power exchange – rapidly.

Our first D/s date is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. I will guide us each step of the way. I use this time to find out more about you and how you could serve me going forward. You are welcome to share your interests and experience with me and I may even ask to hear about a fantasy or two. But my initial focus is understanding what it’s like to toy with who you are, at your core. I will instigate and appreciate your surrender… 

Be aware that I am am a heavy psychological player and that I prize self-awareness and a resilient mind above all else. Physical pursuits are of a lesser interest to me with the exception of objectification and heavy restraint. If you are interested in mental and emotional play we will get along. If you can take a taste of degradation or more – I may not let you leave. Your service will be a contribution to my already full life. You will never be the only one who serves me. But to those who consistently work to earn my energy, effort and attention – I am a consistently engaged, engaging and dedicated Mistress.

Every gaze and action pulls you deeper into an abyss of sweet surrender and safety.
Plaything Z
Mistress Eva lures desires out of your brain that you did not even know that you had.
Plaything O
The hardest thing I did that day was leave
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– Discretion assured –

Please read my website, peruse my social media profiles (Twitter | IG), look at my press interviews – and maybe even join my members site. It will help to inform you on how to catch my attention. You may then introduce yourself to me respectfully and thoroughly here. I am interested in why I interest you, your relationship to BDSM; and most importantly, what you believe that you could offer me.

* Understand that I will be acting on my whims first – and never on your instruction. I will dictate what our time holds. I decide this based on what I am in the mood for, and what I believe will suit our dynamic best. I very much appreciate your surrender.

** Want to learn more about my kinks, limits and how I run my D/s relationships? Click here.

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